5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

As cultivators, the goal is to grow better quality cannabis. Traditional horticultural labs have been a challenge to work with from because they aren't cannabis focused, which is why Arvum shined when I met with them to experience their solution. Cultivators who build businesses around their challenges are who I want to work with. Thank you, Arvum! The purpose of Arvum Plant Labs is to optimize the health of the plant throughout its growth cycle by using rapid analytical testing results to make data driven decisions. Healthy plants with proper nutrition will lead to greater yields and higher quality. Shoutout to our panelists for dropping game with the community: 

Adam Floyd, founder of Arvum | 

Sam McGuire, Sales & Business Development, Arvum | 

Tim Crowell, @Bobby.Bagz , Cultivation Consultant, co-founder Faven 

Sergio Picazo, Founder of The Connect Community |

BelCosta Labs

Nate Winokur, BelCosta Labs, joined us to educate on the importance of Terpenes and how they interact with THC with a new way to think about the ensemble (entourage) effect. 


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Nate Winokur @belcostalabs joins us as the event sponsor to spread the good word around two very important topics that need to be amplified;

🔹Terpene-to-Cannabinoids Ratio (6:00 pm)

🔹Potency Variances & Quality Study ~ (7:30 pm)

The industry is being held back due to the consumers experience at the time of purchase which has been driven by potency mainly. We must understand that the #EnterougeEffect is driven through other cannabinoids and terpenes. Nate is here to break it down for us by simplifying the terpene confusion and create a movement around what us cannabis professionals understand which is not translating to the consumer level.

Virtually every cannabis professional who is also a consumer does not make decisions for their own consumption based on “high THC”. Fire is FIRE 🔥

Craft Beers & Food will be available:

@BigSexyBrewCo 🍻

@bouthedough (Artisinal Pizza 🍕)



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