Are you interested in a career in cannabis? 

Interested in what kind of job opportunities you have in cannabis? Let us know! Share a little bit about yourself so companies can know you are looking to join the community. The main requirement is to have gratitude for the gift of work and be humble. There is no room for egos or flexing as a master grower, even though you still don't know what generative vs. vegetative means. The most successful applicants are open minded and are not afraid to start at entry level. SOP development in any operation has been years of blood, sweat, and lives lost to get to this point. Those who come into any operation and think their way is the best way and create a toxic environmnet, don't last. Same goes for operators who are stagnant and are unwilling to adapt to the evolving & technological advancements are not strong operations we would recommend anyone to be in. Cannabis aptitude questions are part of our onboarding process to ensure you are positioned for the right opportunity in this incredible industry. 

Are you a business owner looking to grow your team? 

Let us know what type of role you are trying to fill. We will CONNECT the dots and share what you are looking for with the community.